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Adam, had a gambling addiction between the ages of 18-23. He now documents his experiences on social media, hoping that sharing his story will help others in a similar situation.

When did you start gambling?

I first tried gambling when I was 16 years old, betting on football with my dad. Once I turned 18, that’s when I started to gamble more.

What kinds of gambling did you do?

I started gambling on football bets and horse racing, especially on major events like Cheltenham, but I quickly moved on to other kinds of online betting such as roulette and blackjack.

When did you realise that your gambling had become a problem?

I knew things had gotten bad when I gambled away the inheritance left to me by my grandmother. You’d have thought that would be enough to stop me, but that just encouraged me to chase my losses to try to make things right and win back the money that I’d lost. I was spending my whole salary in a matter of days and even took out payday loans to fund my gambling. Eventually, the bailiffs knocked on my door and I realised how much of a problem my gambling had become.

Where did you go for support?

Having the bailiffs at the door was the trigger I needed to take the big step of opening up to my family. Luckily, they were incredibly supportive. Rather than being angry at me, they were disappointed in themselves for not noticing the signs that I was struggling with gambling and wanted to help me with my recovery. I joined GAMSTOP in 2020, just as the UK was going into lockdown, as well as going to GamCare for advice and support. Talking about my gambling was the best thing I ever did.


GAMSTOP is a blessing in disguise. Without it, I'd have almost definitely relapsed

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How are you doing now?

I have been gambling-free now for 4 years. Since signing up to GAMSTOP, I have used social media to document my recovery experience. I have been bowled over by the positive response I have received, and it’s really helped to show me that I’m not alone, there are many others out there like me and it’s helped me to know that my story is helping others. I also took some advice that was given to me early in my recovery; to look at replacement activity ideas. I took up running and to date, I have completed 9 half marathons and look forward to completing the Yorkshire Marathon in October.

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What more can I do?

GAMSTOP is just one of the tools you can use to help control your gambling. There is a lot of other free guidance and support available.


Registering with GAMSTOP is free, quick and easy. Watch our short video to see what the GAMSTOP registration process looks like.

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